As a parent-to-be you undoubteMassage of footsdly have done a ton of research on everything you need to complete your bringing home baby checklist. You have the adorable outfits, the safest car seat, the functional diaper bag, and much, much more.  But  there is just one more thing that would make your list fully complete… a Bringing Home Baby class.

Come join me on Wednesday, June 18 from 7 to 8 p.m. at Rush-Copley.  I will discuss lots of important information about caring for a newborn including:

What is normal and what is not
When to call the doctor
How to choose a doctor
And a lot more!

Bring your questions.  Hope to see you then!  This program is free, please register at or 866-4-COPLEY (1-866-426-7539).