Eva Alessia, D.O.

Eva Alessia, D.O.

Seizures can be very scary for parents. About four out of 100 children ages six months to five years can have seizure because of a fever. The most common age range is 12 to 18 months of age. A seizure can happen at any temperature, but the most common temperature is 104°F. The seizure usually lasts less than a minute, but sometimes can last 10 to 15 minutes and then stop without any treatment.

Forty percent of children who have had a fever seizure may have another one to three fever seizures. It is rare for children to go on to have seizures not caused by fevers. Fever seizures do not cause brain damage.

Signs of a fever seizure are:

  • stiffening of body
  • twitching
  • eye rolling
  • Unresponsive for a moment – the breathing pattern will be “off” and the child may look a little darker in color.

What to do if your child has a fever seizure:
If your child has a fever seizure, lay him/her on the floor, away from hard or sharp objects. Turn his/her head to the side to let saliva or vomit drain more easily. Clear anything in the mouth with your finger to prevent choking. Undress the child and apply cool towels to body. Do not worry about the tongue; your child will not swallow his/her tongue. Call your child’s doctor and if the seizure does not stop after five minutes, call 911.

Even a couple seconds of a seizure can seem like forever, but try not to worry. Your child will be fine afterwards.