Rebecca Wilson, FNP-BC

Rebecca Wilson, FNP-BC

This time of year we are bombarded by back to school sales and shopping for school supplies. The end of summer signifies that it is time to pack the backpacks and pick out clothes for the first day of school! There are plenty of things to overwhelm a parent’s mind this time of year, but if you keep in mind the following suggestions your children can have a successful transition into the school year.

  • Make sure your child has had their school or sports physical exam. Your healthcare provider will evaluate your child’s general health (readiness for sports if applicable),
    evaluate their vaccination status, and ensure they have any necessary medications.
  • Hand washing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection! Make sure your child knows how to wash their hands and why it is important. Frequent hand washing is best, especially prior to eating.Classmates
  • A healthy breakfast with protein will keep your child’s stomach satisfied and their mind ready to learn the morning’s lessons.
  • Dedicate time to help your child with their homework so they don’t fall behind with assignments.
  • Bedtime routines and ensuring your child gets enough sleep at night will help them wake up refreshed and ready for the school day ahead.
  • After a full school week make sure to integrate some fun with the family on Friday evenings or weekends.
  • The flu season is coming. To prevent your child from getting the flu this year, schedule a flu shot. Check with your child’s healthcare provider to see when the flu vaccine will be available.

Enjoy the transition! Back to school can be cool; if you are enthused about it your children will be too!

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a special interest in caring for children. Her approach is one that focuses on providing patients with holistic care with an emphasis on healthy living through a well balanced diet, daily exercise and routine immunization. Rebecca leads an active life and partners with her patients to reach their own optimal level of health and well being.

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